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For a limited time only, is offering One page website (AD FREE) Starting at $89.00.

  • Free hosting for 1 year at -------------------A $96.00 VALUE
  • One page design by Speedsm Technologies------------------------------A $49.00 VALUE
  • Up to 10 images------------------------------------------------------------------A $20.00 VALUE
  • Auto emailer form/response.--------------------------------------------------A -$20.00 VALUE
  • $60.00 off towards a full size banner, that's only $20.00 more for a 468x60 banner.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- - --A $60.00 VALUE
  • Up to 500 words.
  • Free banner or logo advertisement on our website for 3 months-----A $20.00 Value
  • You may submit your information to our breeders, classifieds and stud services database. Have complete control to modify your record anytime for one year, add images (may modify), urls, switch your records interchangebly from the above mentioned 3 categories. Receive a free email account.
TOTAL VALUE OF $289.00 FOR ONLY $89.00
Full size Banner only (Promo)$20.00
Basic Domain Registration
Custom Domain Registration (good for two years) $20.00/year
Hosting ( from $19.95/month
Hosting ( from $8.00/month

Advertising Link (in any of our pages, just submit to the proper page with your info.
Picture of your logo on our website, linking to your site. (25 pages to choose from)
Each ad displayed in breeders page, classifieds page and stud services page on related animal category.
That's 2-3 adds for the price of one.
Your banner
on our Page
Dogs, Horses, Cats and Reptiles are $20.00 for three months
Your banner
on our Page
Birds, Exotics, Fish, Insects, Livestock and Small Animals are 10.00 for three months
Graphics & Logo Designing
Graphics $25.00/hr
Logos $25.00/hr

Web Design
One or first page of your website, includes free logo image placing. 500 words max. $49.00
Each additional web page, includes free logo image placing. 500 words max.(same template) $10.00
Each Update, includes free logo image placing. 500 words max. $10.00
Per 100 additional words over 500. $5.00
Per image posting on web page. (1 image fee covers one image placing on selected page) $2.00
Visit to your site for quality site photography of your business. (40 images included)
local central coast, CA only.
Each additional 20 images taken $20.00
For photo scanning. (each image) $2.00
Web Site Search Engine Submission $25.00
Your Domain Hosting on our Servers **(No set up Fee. May cancel at any time)** UP

300 Megabytes, 99.5% guaranteed uptime. Cost $19.95 per month
Your Domain

Our Domain Hosting Fees
No Ad Hosting!!
Your viewers will thank you.
# of pages
Monthly Rate
1 page hosting 1 page server space fee/month


2&3 page hosting 2&3 page server space fee/month


4&5 page hosting 4&5 page server space fee/month


6&7 page hosting 6&7 page server space fee/month


8-14 page hosting 8-14 page server space fee/month


15 page hosting 15 page server space fee/month


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Services vary in prices, we are however affordable. Contact Us at 805 614 6328 or email us at

If you're interested in selling a pet related product on the web, please email me at

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